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Want to increase your Porsche performance? We can help.

From mild to wild, there is endless possibilities to performance enhancements to your Porsche 911, Cayman or Boxster. 

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Soul Performance Products

We are a authorized dealer and installer for Soul Performance products. Soul has blown us away in their extensively tested designs and top notch quality. Do your Porsche the justice it deserves with its exciting exhaust note felt and heard. Bring your car in for a exhaust upgrade see what you've been missing. 

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Brembo Big brake packages

Brembo makes your OEM brakes on your Porsche, and for good reason. They are the top manufacturer of brake components across the world. 

We are a supplier of all Brembo big brake kits and parts. Give your Porsche the extra stopping power it needs for high performance driving. 


3.8 liter Engine Swap for Cayman 981

The highest rung on the performance ladder is to swap out the engine on your Cayman base or S model to its larger displacement brother. Replacing your current 2.7 liter or 3.4 liter engine with the larger variant 3.8 liter from the 911 Carrera S or GTS ( also found in the GT4) gives a very large performance boost. Base swap will retain your factory exhaust system providing 400hp. If this engine is combined with Soul Performance headers, exhaust, Dundon intake runners and custom tune - 480hp is possible making near 400hp to the wheels. This will give a "sleeper" that can accelerate nearly with the new GT4-RS.


An advantage of this motor swap, it can work with PDK models. This is something that the 981 GT4 never had available. 

Pricing starts at $28,000

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