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Do you want to experience a peak IMSA/ Group C Mazda from the legendary 90s? Defined Autoworks is bringing it! 

Introducing the formidable Defined Autoworks 797 and 797B. We are building no mere replicas, but transcendent entities channeling the spirit of the RX-792P. Not an ordinary "Kit" car; they are a symphony of precision and power.

 These machines utilize a chassis born from the DNA of motorsport, a masterpiece engineered to high specifications. More than a car; it's a kinetic sculpture. Automotive artistry to honor the original brilliant designers. 

At the core of each 797/797B lies a powerplant that defies convention. Bid farewell to commonplace V8s and pedestrian 4-cylinders. The Defined Autoworks chassis exclusively harbors a race-proven 4-rotor 26B engine. With a track record etched in history, it propels the 797 and 797B with authority. These engines produce over 780 horsepower while the car weighs just 2000lbs. It is the epitome of naturally aspirated dominance.

Revving to an awe-inducing 9,500 rpm, the sonic resonance is nothing short of spine-tingling. Shock waves pulsate through your chest cavity, signaling the arrival of a machine that transcends mere transportation. Our 4-rotor is an auditory and visceral experience, a symphony of power and performance.

Engage with direct authority, thanks to the paddle-shifted fully sequential transaxle. Acceleration becomes an affair of heart-stopping dominance, leaving an indelible mark on the asphalt.  

The Defined Autoworks 797B bends time, transporting you to relive the nostalgic 24 hours of Daytona in 1992. Mazda's coveted 4-rotor engine, previously reserved for elite racing is now within your grasp. This is not just ownership; it's a rare opportunity to command a piece of automotive history.

In the presence of the 797B, traditional benchmarks like Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche fade into the background. It stands alone in a realm of uniqueness and unparalleled driving experience. Seize the chance to own not just a car, but a legacy. Welcome to the pinnacle of automotive prowess – the Defined Autoworks 797B.

These cars are currently in Pre-order and three positions available.

Payment plan available being split into 3 installments. 

Photos are the prototype example with a finished model soon. 

Base pricing is $310,000** which is a body-in-white completed ready to run machine. Many options and upgrades available. Serious inquiries feel free to reach out to us. 

**initial estimate subject to change**


Complete carbon fiber body upgrade $50,000

Continuously variable intake runners  $ TBA

Twin seat option $ TBA

Double tier high downforce rear wing $ 2000

Underbody ground effects $ TBA

Motorsport ABS system $ 18,000

Traction control system $ TBA

Ohlins suspension upgrade $ TBA

Fully finished leather wrapped interior $ TBA

Air conditioning system (street version only)  $ TBA

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