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This is the highest spec naturally aspirated 4-rotor engine that Defined Autoworks offers. Full peripheral port rotor housings, race exhaust ports,  race rotor bearings, race main bearings. Hardened race stationary gears. X40 extra strong eccentric assembly. Ultra lightweight rotors, full dynamic balancing. Ianetti ceramic apex seals with ceramic tipped springs. 3-stage drysump oil lubrication with internal scavenge lines. Flat bottom oil plate for lowest possible mounting location. Slide throttle intake system exactly like what the 787b R26B engine used. Wiggins clamp quick release intake flanges. Proven to make the most naturally aspriated horsepower documented in the world, 662 rear wheel horsepower or 850hp at the flywheel. These are highly specialized engines with parts nobody else in the world manufactures. Due to this, the lead time build is a minimum of 6 months. Billet side housings and central coolant feed/return shown in the photo are optional extra costs that can be added. Please contact us for info. 

4-rotor 26b Race Spec engine. With custom Slide throttle intake and Drysump

SKU: 21554345656
6 months minimum wait time after order is placed.
  • All race engines carry no warranty, but will have a manufacture quality assurance. Any error in assembly will be repaired with no charge. Defined Autoworks is not liable for shipping costs or labor costs associated with install or removal. 

  • Cost does not include shipping. Shipping will be determined after purchase based on buyer location. A crate charge will also be added. Local pickup accepted with no additional charges. 

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