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**Service performed on YOUR rotors that are sent to Defined Autoworks**

Scalloping a rotor provides increased intake port duration. This gives a longer period of time for the engine to beathe during the intake cycle. Adding this to a streeport setup will give similar results of a bridgeport but with a less aggresive driving characteristic. Adding this to a bridgeport will provide even more intake duration more similar to a full peripheral port engine. Please see our knowledge resource tab for more information regarding port type.

Scalloped Rotor Service 20b 3-rotor

SKU: 100
  • Scalloping is a CNC service done to factory rotors. This modification is excellent for racing classes where bridgeporting or even streetporting is illegal. It also works great for street applications

  • Once purchased please mail YOUR rotors to Defined Autoworks for modification. Return shipping is TBD based on location.

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