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Our Work

Defined Autoworks has been in business for over 16 years. Logan Carswell started and founded the company in 2006, but was building wild rotary cars long before that. Here is just a tiny sample of our past work. Much more to be added soon.


13b-rew build

Fully rebuilt 13b-rew, equipped with streetport, dynamic balancing, all new seals. Efini y-pipe upgrade and converted to non-sequential operation along with a brand new wiring harness. Some polished bits round off the whole thing nicely.

26b 4-rotor engine Naturally aspirated 500hp

26b 4-rotor race engine. This one features semi peripheral porting, streetport sides, race exhaust port, extra lightweight rotors, drysump lubrication, ceramic apex seals, race rotor bearings. A custom induction system using flat slide throttle body and external staged secondary throttle bodies operate at above 50% load. 


Twin turbo Fd Rx7 project.

This FD received a full nice ground up build. The engine was fully rebuild with half bridgeport, new housings. Defined Autoworks v-mount along with haltech standalone ecu system. Upgraded fuel system made sure the boost was kept safe. 

3-rotor GT42 single turbo FD Rx7

This Rx7 came in as a blown 2 rotor setup. Customer decided to take the plunge and go all out with the 20b 3-rotor. A C-series block was fully rebuild with streetport. Scalloped rotors dynamically balanced along with unbreakable apex seals made for a stong base. Custom 321 stainless exhaust manifold and unique "backward" GT42 turbo placed the weight further to the back giving better handling. Stock subframe was left untouched. Produced 700rwhp at 22psi. 

400609435_322077607433898_2757699705572850545_n - Copy - Copy.jpg

3-rotor naturally aspirated, individual throttle bodies,  FD Rx7

My customer Lenny approached me with a vision of a Mazda Rx7 but with a Porsche GT3 mindset. Starting with a rolling shell we proceeded to build a streetported 20b, with scalloped lightweight rotors and drysump oil system. I built a custom slide throttle intake along with custom 321 grade stainless equal length header. This added up to a 335rwhp (400hp) naturally aspirated 20b with a 9000 rpm capacity. With a 5 speed dogbox transmission for clutchless up-shifts and very lightweight, this car exceeded a GT3 acceleration. Additionally the sound was even better.

1988 Mazda Rx7 GXL with Turbo II swap and large single turbo

Starting life as a humble 6-port GxL, our customer Collin decided to swap out the 146hp engine for a full Turbo II power unit. Doing a nice streetport with upgraded apex seals, the engine was ready for more power. A medium sized GT35R turbocharger and beefy front mount intercooler provided the airflow. Custom 3" stainless exhaust made sure there was no restrictions. Haltech standalone system with upgraded fuel injectors finished off the package. End result was 375rwhp with plenty more on the table with more boost. 

26b 4-rotor engine Twin Turbo 1200hp

This very custom build uses a custom-built CNC/carbon intake assembly, Twin custom stainless turbo manifolds, Twin Precision turbos, Full peripheral port engine with 2mm unbreakable apex seals, large exhaust ports, lightweight rotors dynamically balanced. Fully polished rotor housings, oversize tension bolts with modular bolt system for extra strength. External drysump ensured proper oil flow at high rpm. 

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