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We service Porsche 911, Cayman/718 and Boxster models. 

Any type of Maintenace and service of your Porsche can be performed. Serpentine belt replacements, battery replacement, cabin filters, oil changes, transmission fluid change for tiptronic/manual/PDK, brake pad/rotors, engine air filter, spark plugs, spark plug coil packs and much more are available. 

PDK oil and filter change service. 

Changing your PDK oil and filter is critical to long lasting life of the transmission. The service is a small price to pay compared to a PDK failure. We strictly use OEM Porsche PDK fluid. 


Oil and filter change. Amsoil

At Defined Autoworks we are a authorized dealer for Amsoil. We use it in all our oil changes, including our own vehicles. Your Porsche of any vintage or model will benefit to using this extensively tested oil. 


Ignition coil service


 Ignition coils are at the core of engine performance and see a lot of heat. Changing these even before factory recommendation is one way to ensure optimal engine health. 

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