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                                                                                Welcome to Defined Autoworks! 

What we are-
A small facility located in Pataskala Ohio, which has served hundreds of customer
s across 16 years of business. We offer Rx-792p replicas (797B), engine rebuilds, complete engines, service, modifications and full builds on RX series vehicles. 

Who are we-

Logan Carswell is the owner/ founder and creator of Defined Autoworks established in 2006. His father, Ken Carswell, was one of the few factory trained technicians on the then-new mazda rotary engine. After working at a Mazda dealership for many years, Ken started his own Mazda shop in 1979. Logan grew up around these rotary engines his entire life. In 1996 Logan began getting interested in the performance modifications of Rx7's which led to a path paved with MANY cars in increasingly more wild builds from that point forward. Logan was one of the 1st to do a 3-rotor naturally aspirated, also one of the first in the United States who custom built and installed a 4-rotor in 2012.

What we are doing-
With a heavy workload we are constantly working long hours to satisfy customer demand. After hours however Defined Autoworks actively races in NASA and Gridlife events. With a passion for not only building the wildest creations, Logan also loves to race. Defined Autoworks has been racing a 4-rotor powered Rx7 for over 10 years, proving all the technology developed. All this information gained is passed onto our customers to improve even a more simplistic street build. 

Records achieved-
Pushing boundaries need to be backed up with actual results. Lap times can't be faked, and for this reason Defined Autoworks set out to prove the rotary engine is still relevant. Logan and his 4-rotor powered Rx7 beat the NASA TT1 record at Mid-Ohio by over 2 seconds. Personal best lap time at Mid-ohio is a 1:28 pro-course and 1:29 club course configuration. We plan to continue to go even faster each year.

Horsepower like no other-
Defined Autoworks has worked extensively with turbocharged and naturally aspirated rotary engines for years for customers. Logan took a interest in the naturally aspirated engines personally due to the challenge. There is no boost knob to just gain more horsepower.  This led to testing.... lots and lots of testing, on 2, 3 and eventually 4 rotor engines.  All this effort has produced and held some of the highest documented horsepower in the world. Here is the current achievements and date they were established-

13b-RE streetport, naturally aspirated 93 octane- 230 rear wheel horsepower. Year 2008

20b Streetport w/ semi p-port, naturally aspirated 93 octane- 475 rear wheel horsepower. Year 2012

26b Full peripheral port, naturally aspirated E85- 662 rear wheel horsepower. Year 2022 (700rwhp coming soon!)

defined autoworks rx7-90 (1).jpg
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